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About The Club

2018/19 Committee

President - Greg Tossel

Vice President - Dave Roberts

Secretary - Cheryl Pitt

Treasurer - Ryan McNally

Coaching Coordinator - Dave Clark

Junior Coordinator - Ciara Oldham

Handicapper - Dean O'Brien

General Committee Members - Shannon Pike, Steve Gibson, Ruth Culver



The Kalgoorlie Tri Club recognizes that smoking and passive smoking are hazardous to health. A smoke free environment will be promoted by:

  • Ensuring all club areas, such as the transition area, spectators' area, along the course and all club functions are smoke free.

  • Not selling tabacco products on the premises.


The Kalgoorlie Tri Club will promote the responsible adult use of alcohol by:

  • Discouraging excessive or rapid consumption of alcohol such as happy hours or drinking competitions.

  • Ensuring alcohol is not served to anyone who is intoxicated or under 18 years of age.

  • Providing low cost /free and plentiful non-alcoholic drinks and water.

  • Ensuring competent adult bar staff is managing the bar at club functions.


The Kalgoorlie Tri Club discourages the use of medications in respect of injury/recovery that would enable a participant to compete when they would not otherwise have been able.

  • The use of illicit and /or performance enhancing drugs is not acceptable by any Kalgoorlie Tri Club members or patrons.

  • Situations that may suggest the administration of medication will be referred to a competent physician/health care professional.


The Kalgoorlie tri Club will take all reasonable steps to address sun safe practices by:

  • Scheduling events outside of the hours of 10am-3pm.

  • Providing adequate sunshade for pre and post races.

  • Follow the Cancer Council of Australia (WA) guidelines for sunsmart clothing and hats.

  • Provide 30+SPF sunscreen at all events for members, participants and spectators.


The Kalgoorlie Tri Club will encourage all members to adopt practices that seek to prevent injury by:

  • Encouraging warm-up, stretching and cool-down as an important component of racing and training.

  • Promote the use of suitable clothing and footwear for triathlon.

  •   Providing safe race surfaces, first aid equipment and accredited coaches/first aiders or equivalent at all training and events.

  • Ensure and promote adequate public liability for the club and personal accident insurance for all members and participants.

  • Encourage all participants with a prior or current injury/illness to seek professional advice from a sports medicine professional and be fully rehabillitated before return to racing.


The Kalgoorlie Tri Club recognizes the importance of good nutrition for sports performance by:

  • Providing healthy , nourishing refreshments immediately following events.

  • Promoting good nutrition and healthy eating messages.


The Kalgoorlie Tri Club expects that adult members and coaches will set appropriate examples and act as role models for junior members.


The club will provide further information on any of the above topics to anyone who requests it, in order to promote a healthy lifestyle.


Breaches of the policy will be addressed through the committee.

Anyone wishing to discuss any aspect of this policy is invited to contact any members of the committee.


Thankyou for your cooperation.