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Current club Training times, everyone welcome. No matter what your experience or fitness level . 


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Bike and Incorporated Gym Workout Sessions

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The swim sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday evenings (check timetable for exact times). All swim sessions are held at the Goldfields Oasis.

The Tuesday and Thursday sessions are lead by a coach and are focused on improving the technique (and subsequently the speed) of participants. These sessions focus on freestyle and the improvement of that stroke.
Wednesday evening swim sessions may not have a coach attending, although a program will be provided for swimmers to complete.

Swimmers are grouped into 4 lanes based on ability and speed. Sessions usually include warm ups, technique based drills, main sets containing a variety of distances and speed requirements, depending on the focus for the session and cool downs.

Sessions are timed, so participants are encouraged to be ready and in the water at the start time.


Running sessions are held on Tuesday and Thursday evenings (check timetable for exact times and locations).

These sessions are lead by a nominated member and are focused on improving speed and endurance. Participants are encouraged to run with others of similar speed/ability or those just a little faster if you want that extra push.

Tuesday sessions are usually lead by Dave Roberts.

Thurday sessions have a different coach each month.

Both sessions include a 10-15 minute warm up, then 30-40 minute main set, with a 10 minute cool down. These sessions are great for increasing your speed.


Bike sessions are held on Wednesday and Saturday mornings (check timetable for exact times and starting locations).

These sessions are focused on improving riding technique, confidence, speed and endurance.

Wednesday sessions are lead by Steve Gibson and are interval based and focus on speed and endurance. The group meets at the designated area, then heads up Hannan Street and out towards Bulong Road. Once we reach Bulong road and are away from most of the traffic, the intervals start. After each hard interval, the participants circle around and regroup before the next interval, to make sure everyone stays together and nobody is left behind.

The distance of this ride varies, however as it is an out-and-back, participants can turn around whenever they need to. Distances range from 25km to 50km, depending on the session.

Saturday sessions are long rides with 3 different ability groups (depending on numbers). The group meets at the corner of Hannan and Porter Street, then rides up Hannan Street, onto the Highway, then out towards Bulong Road. Once we reach Bulong road and are away from most of the traffic, the intervals start. After the interval work participants regroup to make sure nobody is left behind.

Common group average speeds are +31km/hr, 28-30km/hr, -28km/hr. Distances covered vary from 25km to 60km followed by coffee.

Additional Sessions:

Strength Training

The strength training sessions are held before morning swim training, in the compound at Goldfields Oasis (check timetable for exact times). A circuit of exercises are organised which help to promote strength and muscular endurance. This is a short but high intensity session, it is recommended that you build up your intensity over 4 - 5 sessions to allow your body to become more adapted to the training. Due to the risk of injury with strength training guidance on correct technique will be provided at the beginning of the session however supervision isn't provided throughout, participants are therefore encouraged to seek advice if they are unsure.

Core Stability Sessions, Bike and Incorporated Gym Workout

These sessions are available for members to do in their own time, and can be accessed by clicking on the links at the top of the page. Advice on the correct technique is provided in the documents by clicking on the hyperlinks.